C20 Motor Care - Exterior

C20 Motor Care - Exterior

Are you a proud owner of a classic car? If so, you know how important it is to keep your beloved vehicle looking its best. The exterior of a classic car requires special care and attention to maintain its timeless beauty. That's where our C20 Exterior Bundle comes in. With this bundle, you can protect and maintain your classic car's exterior with ease.

What's included in the C20 Exterior Bundle?

Our C20 Exterior Bundle is designed to provide everything you need to keep your classic car looking pristine. Here's what you'll find in the bundle:

Each product in the bundle is carefully formulated to deliver exceptional results without causing any damage to your classic car's exterior.

Why choose our C20 Exterior Bundle?

There are several reasons why our C20 Exterior Bundle is the perfect choice for classic car owners:

  1. Ph Neutral Snow Foam: Our pH neutral snow foam is specifically designed to remove dirt and grime from your classic car's exterior. Its gentle formula ensures that your car's paintwork remains intact while providing a thorough clean.
  2. Classic Wash & Wax: Our classic wash and wax not only cleans your car's exterior but also adds a glossy finish. It enhances the shine of your classic car, making it look as good as new.
  3. Original Waterless Car Wash: Our waterless car wash is perfect for quick touch-ups. It allows you to clean your classic car without the need for water, making it convenient and time-saving.
  4. Tyre Dressing: Our tyre dressing gives your classic car's tires a like-new shine. It rejuvenates the appearance of your tires, making them look fresh and well-maintained.
  5. Glass Cleaner: Finish off your cleaning routine with our glass cleaner for a crystal clear view. It effectively removes dirt, smudges, and fingerprints from your classic car's windows, ensuring optimal visibility.

By using our C20 Exterior Bundle, you can save £10.95 on the total price compared to purchasing each product individually. It's a cost-effective solution that delivers exceptional results.


When it comes to protecting and maintaining your classic car's exterior, our C20 Exterior Bundle is the ultimate solution. With its carefully selected products, you can easily remove dirt and grime, add a glossy finish, perform quick touch-ups, give your tires a like-new shine, and ensure crystal clear visibility. Don't compromise on the appearance of your classic car - choose our C20 Exterior Bundle and keep your vehicle looking stunning for years to come.

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